Saipem - Annual meeting

Set-up and management of annual corporate event

Client: Saipem

Year: ongoing collaboration since 2005

For several years Edithink has managed, in collaboration with Saipem’s internal communication department, the company’s Annual Meeting, an important moment of sharing and encounter to close out the year. Edithink coordinates a sizeable technical and artistic team dealing with various aspects of the event, from the realization of video contributions, to scenery, to the design and realization of support communication material (e.g., backstage video, photo panels, photo shoots). In 2014 the biggest challenge was undoubtedly the live hook-up with a number of Saipem sites scattered around the world.
Through the creation of a dedicated application it was possible to have a live connection via web during the event from the sites of Husky (Canada), Guarujà (Brazil), Castoro 6 (Bulgaria) and even offshore from Saipem 10000 (Cyprus).
In addition, a dedicated chat was created in which the various participants were able to interact and exchange messages in real time.