January 11st, 2018

Institutional graphics help a more “technical” communication to spread. The graphic project gets developed in a field where originality and creativity aren’t enough and need to be backed up with increased planning and communicative precision.

This is because the institutional graphics’ primal aim is to convey useful contents to the receiver, not only restricted into trying to capture one’s attention; if well planned, it allows to transmit boring and difficult concepts in an interesting and effective way.
The institutional graphics and each company’s internal communication need to confront themselves with stricter rules than pure advertising.
Thanks to the experience reached in this field, Edithink knows how to convey a message while respecting the institutional communication’s needs, which don’t naturally allow much poetic license.

The application of a brand book, the colours use, the correct choice of images and the knowledge of procedures are the institutional graphics’ basic activities.
The main themes and settings to which the institutional graphic is destined are frequently what puts a limit to creativity and imposes a more technical and formal style: for instance, security, training or governance. An agency which works in the corporate field has learnt a setting which allows to conjugate creativity and formal sobriety.

Institutional graphics are often the only language many Bodies and Institutions are able to use.
It’s the agency’s job to decide, judging by each project and each client, which type of graphic to use and, to be able to to this, creating a sharing and communicative relationship with the client is fundamental.